COPD is the second leading cause of death in India due to large dependence on bio mass fuel for cooking, vehicle pollution and smoking. This contributes to Indians have the worst or most underdeveloped lungs in the world. There is complete lack of awareness around this issue and unfortunately people are not aware that this is a lifestyle related disease that can be prevented It is also a progressive disease which means it never goes away and gets worse if timely steps are not taken towards pulmonary rehabilitation. There are a limited number of social or Government organisations focused on these respiratory issues although evidence points to the need for intervention at a national level. Breathe Easy India exists to empower and educate all citizens on the subject of lung and pulmonary health.

Project aims:

  • To educate citizens to become aware of good practices to reduce effects of both indoor and outdoor pollution for lung health
  • To improve habits and actions to positively impact lung health of future generations especially women and children
  • To influence opinion leaders and stakeholders for the mutual benefit of all